Create and rebuild the Java Connector Project

 This page shows you how to create the sample project of JavaConnector and rebuild it.

Create a sample project

At first, you have to open the New Project Wizard. Right-click on the Package Explorer pane and select "New" -> "Project".

Launch new project wizard for java connector

After the new wizard appears, select "Java Connector Sample" in the "Alinous-Core" category.

New project wizard

Then proceed the same way with the Sample Project. After do that, a new JavaConnector project will be made like below.

java connector project's structure

This folder has 3 significantly important folders.

ALINOUS_HOME folder ALINOUS_HOME is same with the one of standard project.
ALINOUS_HOME/lib folder Alinous-Core's class loader loads jar library and resources like font file in this folder.
src folder The src folder is source folder for java sources


Bulid java source codes

 In order to build java source code, execute the build.xml.


This build script's output is "/ALINOUS_HOME/lib/functions.jar". After executed this ant-xml, the jar file is made.

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