Setup Selenium web Browser Automation tool

 The selenium is web browser automation tool, which is accessible from JUnit code. In order to use WebDriver tools which works on Java platform, you have to setup the web browser.

Setup Firefox web browser

 In order to use Firefox as web browser to automate JUnit testing, you have to install Firefox addon. Goto the url below via Firefox web browser.

 This page is to install SeleniumIDE addon into your Firefox.

 Selenium IDE firefox addon

 Push the "+Add to Firefox" button, and the installation will starts automatically. After install it, it requires to restart the web browser, so do it. Then the ForefoxWebDriver is available from your JUnit testing code.

Setup Chrome web browser

 in order to use the Chrome as web browser to automate, you have to download chromedriver application and run it before running the JUnit code.

The chrome driver is console application, and you can launch it from shell or DOS prompt.

Download Chromedriver

 in order to download the chromedriver, access the url below.

Then the page like below appears.

Chrome driver download page

Then click the folder of any version. This time, chose "2.9" for example. Then next page appears.

Chrome driver for platforms

Click the zip file suitable for your OS, and extract it into your local hard disk.

extracted chromedriver

Then the zip file contains a file named "chromedriver". And set up is done.

Launch ChromeDriver

 The chromedriver is console application, so open the shell, terminal or DOS prompt and just execute it.

Run chromedriver

By pushing Ctrl+C, you can stop the chrome driver. When this driver is running, the RenmoteWebDriver can access the chromedriver from JUnit code.

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