Codemirror Script Editor

The Alinous Document CMS has code editor to edit code and debug the program. The editor is based on the CodeMirror, which is open source script editor works on web browsers. 

In addition to the default code editor, Alinous-Core added the coloring text support.

The code editor in the Alinous Document CMS is extended much more, it supports content assist and showing hint for table scheme and standard functions.

Run the example

In order to run the first simple example, click the "Alinous-Code Editor with CodeMirror" link on the top page of "Html and jQuery Example" project.

Development kit example

Then a editor to edit script appears.

First CodeMirror page

In addition to the first example, by clicking Alinous-Code Web Debugger link, you can launch the code editor with debugger.

Functions and Source code

The example's source code is in the "Html and jQuery Example" project. By learning it, you can make software using the code editor.

Main part using CodeMirror

The main part and extension part of the CodeMirror and basic usage of it.

Alinous-Core Grammar Support

By extending the CodeMirror, we can add new programming language's grammar support.

Debugger Support

The CodeMirror has functions to support to implement own debugger. On this case, how to implement the Alinous-Core debugger.

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