Download Alinous-Core and Applications

Alinous-Core provides download resources. The usage of Alinous-Core based application has some types. Therefore you have to download proper resources suitable for your usage.

Develop your own Web Application

Alinous-Core is very easy programming language and debugging tool for web based application using database. It is one of the Domain Specific Language (DSL). The DSL is a programming language specific for one development domain. The Alinous-Core is for web-database application.

Therefore you can develop web applications without using complex framework. The programming language support the functions instead of the programming framework.

Eclipse Based IDE

In order to develop your own application, the Eclipse Based IDE is necessary. The Alinous-Core SDK is provided as Eclipse Plugin so that you can install it with the network installer of the Eclipse.

The Eclipse based SDK has enough functions to build your application on the loalhost. In addition to that, you can run and debug your application software on the localhost.

Deploy your web application

After you made your application software on the localhost. You can deploy and host it on the cloud server or dedicated server. Then Alinous-Core Server is necessary. The server program is provided as ROOT.war working on the Tomcat and other J2EE Servlet Container.

Build a Website using Content Management System

The Alinous Document CMS is a Content Management System works on the Alinous-Core Server. In order to use this application, you don't have to install Eclipse based sdk.

You just have to set up cloud service which contains the server and cms application software.

Customize Content Management System

The Alinous Document CMS is also a application based on the Alinous-Core. And the Eclipse based SDK support the new wizard to make a project with the source code. Therefore you can customize the Content Management System freely by changing the source code.

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