Form variables

 Alinous-Core Lightweight Language supports form variables. In this page, I'll show you how to use the HTML from. Especially about checkbox and the select.

Normal form valiables and array variables

 We often use array variables in the HTML form. Array variables are used with multiple selecction, hidden parameter having array value.

Using array variables

 In the Alinous-Core, array variable is one having "[]" at the last of the name.

You can use the array variables in all form inputs, including hidden input.

Using checkbox

 When you use the checkbox, you can contral the first sellection status with "checked" attribute.

The checked attribute's value is "checked", the checkbox is selected. If the value is "false", the checkbox is not selected.

Sample code below is controlling checkboxes with Alinous-Script variables.




Using selection

 When you use the select tag, you can control the selected value with the value attribute.

 This HTML is converted by Alinous-Core like below.

 Ofcource the variable is available in the value of select tag.

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