Web and SQL functions

SQL and Web functions

 Alinous-Core is Domain Specific Language and Lightweight Language for web based application development, so it supports Web and SQL function in the language.

Web functions

 About web functions that the Alinous-Core supports as language specification. Other programming languages support these functions by the framework and APIs. But Alinous-Core supports them in the programming language's specification.

SQL functions

 Alinous-Core supports SQL language powerfully.

Supporting SQL

 The SQL is based on specification of PostgreSQL. The SQL supports sub-query, so you can write high level SQL in your application.

The Alinous-Core is multi-threading programming language, therefore it supports lockong by SQL, those are SELECT-FOR-UPDATE and SHARE.

Other languages make SQL as String, and calling API to execute SQL. But in Alinouscore, you can write SQL directly in the program. The variables in the Alinous-Script is the place holder of the SQL.

In addition to that, by using "ADJUST_WHERE" and "ADJUST_SET" clause, the programming language igunore the statement including variable whose value is null, and adjust the SQL to execute, automatically.

Transaction support

 Alinous-Core supports normal transaction, and two phase commitment.

The default transaction isolation level is up to the database management system you use, and you can change it with "BEGIN TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL [LEVEL]".

DDL SQL and Install Script

 Alinous-Core supports DDL. In the Alinous-Core programming, DDL is written in the Install Script.

Web Application and DDL

The web based application using database have to set up the database after install, before use it. The Alinous-Core has a custom to prepare the install script.

The install script is a server side program written in the Alinous-Core programming language. The Alinous-Core can execute DDL SQL directly from the script. By preparing this script, user execute it, then the set up process of the database table is finished.

Therefore the install script makes installation process very easy.

Actually on those case, the install script is used.

New project wizard on the Alinous-Core Eclipse plugin

The Alinous-Core provides Eclipse Plugin based IDE. The IDE has new wizard to create and set up the program as runnable project with the Alinous-Core runner of the Eclipse plugin.

On setting up the project, the install script is automatically executed after the database instance was made.

Cloud based web applications

The Alinous Document CMS is provided as Docker image and Openshift cartridge. The both cloud application has installation process, and it is executed on installing the application into the cloud server.

Then the install script is automatically executed on launching the server.

The Alinous-Core is a programming language which supports multi thread.

There are mainly two ways to use multi threading.

  • Thread function and callback
  • Parallel block

Both of them can supports launching threads and synchronize them with main thread. But the parallel block is easier way to implement asynchronous programming.

Thread function support

The standard function library of the Alinous-Core support threading APIs. They are same with other programming language.

On using threading, specify the function to execute asynchronous and the parameters, and call the Thread.execute() function. After starting the thread, joining the thread with the main thread is available.

Database Transaction and Thread

When you use multi thread program, you have to care the database transaction is diference on each thread. If the main thread start a transaction, and after that, a new thread starts, then the new thread can not access the transaction that the main thread starts.

Programming language support for multi threading

Alinous-Core supports synchronized block to execute threads. It is easy way to write multi thread program. By calling Parallel.join() or Parallel.joinAll() function, synchronize the executed threads and main thread.

Parallel execution

 By using Alinous-Core, you can simply implement multi threadning program. This function is also used when you launch back ground job.

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