Run the server

 This page show you how to launch Alinous-Core Language server with debug mode.

You can run the project you made in your local host by this function. The Alinous-Core IDE has embeded server, and you can launch it in your local host.

After check the program in your local host, you can deploy it by using Alinous-Core server, which is available in the server download page.

How to run Alinous-Core server on the eclipse

You can run Alinous-Core server on the Eclipse.

Select "Run" -> "Debug" from the menu of Eclipse IDE.

Launch debug configuration

Double-click "Alinous".

Create dubug context

Then a pane to select a Alinous-Core project in your Eclipse workspace, and  "New_configuration" is made in the left tree control. This pane is one to input the information about the run context. By changing the "name" text input, the default name, which is "New_configuration", you can change the name of the context.

Select project to debug

Push "Browse" buttin, the the Dialog below will appear. In this dialog, projects which exists in the workspace is listed.

Select project

Select your project and push "OK" button, and push "Apply", "Debug" button in the parent wizard dialog.

Alinous-Core server will be launched in debug mode. Then console of the Eclipse IDE show logs like below.

Debugging console

Access with your web browser

Please access


with your browser.

Alinous-Core sample project with debugger


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