Create new project

Alinous-Core IDE, which is provided as Eclipse plugin, has new wizard to make a new project.

The new wizard can make the standard project and other bundled project, those are written at Software Design pattern, Software testing and Web SEO Checker.

This wizard setup not only the source code, but also database and java compiing setting. So you can run the project soon after create the new project with this wizard.

How to create new sample project

Left click on the Package Exploler pane,  select the right-clicked menu "New"->"Project".

Launch new project wizard

The new project wizard appear, the select "Alinous-Core" -> "Sample Project". And push "Next" button.

New project wizard

Select Database. Apache Derby was selected. So please select PostgreSQL, and push "Next >" button.

Select database of the project

Enter Password for postgresql user and push the "Finish" button. In this page, please input database name which does not exist. And the user have to be allowed to make a new database.

Database setting for PostgreSQL

After do that, a progress bar appears and take a while. This process often takes for a long time, but please wait for it. After that, a Sample Project is create like below.

after created Alinous-Core project

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