Form Authentication

 In the Alinous-Core, The Form authetication is extention of The Basic Authentication.

You have to do almost same configuration in the "alinous-config.xml". The Basic Authentication shows you how to configure it and the difference between Basic and Form authentication.

Form authentication setting

 The setting of "alinous-config.xml" is below.

You have to make pages specified in "login" and "confirm" tag.

Writing form authentication page and logic

The goal of the form authentication is put variables in the $SESSION variable.

At first, you have to make login form.

The html source is below.


This form uses the custom validator.

This form posts into "confirm.html".


This script queries the AUTH_TABLE, and records exist, then put authenticated informations into variables in the $SESSION.


 By releasing variagles you added in the login process, you can implement logout.

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