Using the debugger

 This section shows you how to use the debugger provided by Alinous-Core Eclipse plugin.

The Alinous-Core has Eclipse Plugin based IDE, and it supports debugging by debugger.

After installing Eclipse and Alinous-Core plugin, following operation is available.

  1. Create embeded Alinous-Core Application by New Project Wizard
  2. Run it in the localhost
  3. Set breakpoints and debug it by the debugger

How to use the debugger

The Alinous-Core has a debugger. This time let's use it in "/ALINOUS_HOME/select/show.alns".

Open "/ALINOUS_HOME/select/show.alns" in your project. And double-click the left of the opened editor. Then the blue small circle marker appears on the ruler of the script editor.

Set break point

If you want to remove it, double-click it.

This marker means the break point. Access via web browser at


Then the form like below will be shown.

Debug target form

Press "Search" button, then program susupenden at the line you checked the breakpoint.

Breaked by debugger

After suspened, push button, the the program will restart.

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