Basic authentication

By configuring alinous-config.xml, you can use te Basic Authentication easily.

Sample setting of "alinous-config.xml"

Here is the sample setting of "alinous-config.xml".


Define zone and relm

In the sample setting, we define the zone and accessible role. The part is below.

About zone tag

The "zone" tag has children tags below.

area The root directory of the zone
roles Accessible roles. Comma separated.
error-page Error page
login Login form. (On using basic authentication, not necessary)
confirm The page confirming login (On using basic authentication, not necessary)


If you use the Basic Authentication, "login" and "confirm" tag are not nesessary. If you write these, Alinous-Core recognize this zone is for the Form authentication area.

About relm tag

 The "relm" tag is specify the relm database table. The relm is set of information about use, password, role to access.

datastore The database includes relm table
table Th relm table
users The colum of user in the relm table
passwords The colum of password int the relm table
roles The colum of role int the relm table


If you use the form authentication, this relm tag and the setting is dummy and never used.

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