Variables and System functions

These APIs are to handle variables on the script, and system functions.

API Groups

 These are function to handle script's variables and threads.


Following APIs are to handle variable and the type.

  • Array - This function is to handle array variables
  • Double - This function is to handle variables whose type is Doube.
  • Cast - Change the type of variable into other one
  • Number - Handle and format variables whose type is Number
  • String - Hanlde String values
  • Timestamp - Handle String variables in SQL Timestamp format


Following functions can handle the thread. You can use it with pararell block of the programming language.

  • Parallel - Supports parallel block of Alinous-Script
  • Thread - Execute thread programmatically

Dynamic Scripting

When you want to use dynamic scripting, that means you write program by the meta-program and execute it, use following functions.

  • Script - Handle String value as Alinous-Script recursively
  • Variable - Handle and release variables
  • Plugin - Call other script as plugin

Operating System

When you want to execute program on the operating system, use following APIs

  • SysExecute - Execute system command of your operating system

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