File handling APIs

This APIs are to handle files which are used in Internet Programming. Especially when you upload and download files, those formats are used.

API Group

In this API Group, you can handle standard file, Csv formatted files, Zip archive files, and Image files.

Download and Upload Files

When you write program to download or upload files from web browser, following formats are frequently used.

The Csv formatted file is frequently used when you download file, and upload it after manipulate it.

The Zip archived file is used when you write program to download files. That is because the web browser cannot download multiple files at once, therefore download archived file.

  • Csv - Handle csv formatted file
  • File - Handle files
  • Zip - Compress files and folders into a zip file and extract it

Image Files

When you write program using image, you can use Image handling APIs.
  • Img - Handle images

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