Encoding and Format APIs

These APIs support support file formats those are used with internet protocols on programming.

Store Image files into Clob Database table column

When you wrote program to upload image file and store it in the database, you have to handle a binary data. The Base64 format convert the binary data into the text data. Therefore, you can handle the image data as text string, and store it into a record of the database table.

The table data is text format, we can output it into the Csv formatted file directly. Therefore that makes database backup process easy.

API Group

This API Group supports frequently used formats on development of web based database application programming.

Base64 format is used to store binary data, like image, into the Clob of the database table. The Url Encode is used when you make html code editor.

And crypt function is used when you implement high security login form which does not store raw passwords in the database.

  • Base64 - Handle the Base64 encoding
  • Crypt - Handling md5 crypt
  • UrlEncode - Encode and decode the UrlEncode

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