Function reference manual

This page is about functions available in the Alinous-Script. You can know the outline of the functions by activating contents-assist.

These functions are provided as embeded system functions or standard library using JavaConnector. So you can use them without including script which has the function source code.

Variables and System functions

 These are function to deal script's variables and threads.

      Database and SQL

       Alinous-Core supports SQL in the programming language. But there are function to handle SQL and one to support to manipulate the result of SQL.

        Programming language support

         Next function are supported by programming language directly.

        Internet and Web functions

         These are function to use internet protocols.

        Encoding and Format

         These are functions to handle formats which is often used in internet programming.

        File handling

         These are function to deal files. The path of the file those functions use is absolute path, and the root path "/" is the ALINOUS_HOME.

        System Test and Debug

        • Codecheck
        • Debug
        • System

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