Script and Variables

 This page show you how to use the Alinous-Script. The Alinous-Script is like javascript and the variable is based on the DOM(Document Object Model) model.

Set of Alinous-Script and html

 The Alinous-Module consists of Alinous-Script and HTML, and sometimes HTML does not exist.

When you write sctipt to download module, or module to redirecting other page, the html file is not necessary.

The execution order is

  1. Execute Alinous-Script
  2. Render HTML with the result of Alinous-Script

Basic script and html

 You can make variables in the Alinous-Script.

 This script returns 0, then the exexution process goes to the html file.

When returned value is not 0

if the value of return value is not 0, then the page will forwarded to other page.

Script variables

 The script variable is DOM liked, and you can use the parent-children structure by separating with ".".

Existance check of variables

 When the variable does not exists, the it is same with having null value.

Type of variables

 There are 3 type of Alinous-Script variable.

  • String
  • Integer
  • Double

 The type of value is decided when substituting value.

 You can watch them by using debugger.

variables in the debugger

The Array variables

 You can use array variables. The variables in the array is automatically allocated on substitutions.

 You can watch it with debugger.

Watch array variables with debugger

Reserved variables

 Some variables are reserved by Alinous-Core server. These are below.

Variable name Description
$IN Parameters of GET or POST method in HTTP protocol
$SESSION Session key and stored values in the session

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