Attributes to handle form validation

 In this page, I'll explain about Alinous-Attributes about web form validation.

How to use it

 About how to use it, please take a look at document pages below. The are in the Tutorian and Basic section of this web site.

Alinous-Attribute of form validation

 The Alinous-Attributes for form validation is below.

alns:validate attribute

 This attribute used in input, textarea, select tag and specify how to validate it.

if used in span or div tag to show error message, for which validation, the error message is to show.

alns:msg attribute

 This attribute specify which validated tag is for the error message. Specify the name of input, textarea, select tag, and used in error message area.

alns:form attribute

 This attribute specify the name of form where the validated input, textarea, select tag is.

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