For project managers

 For progect manager of web based application development, ease of development will contribute to your job. Your main job is to care the team and find problems occuring in the changing situation on each phase of the development.

Quality management

 Quality management is one of the big issue for the project managers.

In the team development, you have to have some method to check the quality of the program. If the program code's quantity is small, the checking is easy, and the opportunities to make bugs dicreases.

Reduce required skill of engineers

 if the skill of all engineers are high, there are no problems. But in the real development team, the high skilled engineers are very difficult to recruit. So you have to reduce the requred skill to work in your develoment team.

By using easy development tools, like Alinous-Core, you can make the hurdle to join the development team, and make a lot of job opportunities for junior engineer.

Rapid development leads to customer's satisfaction

 Recently, DevOps is one of the big trend in the system integration firm. The good software is one to give great user experience.

Whether the application is good or not is fount out after users used it.

Therefore if customers needs DevOps and you are going to realize it,you have to do PDCA cycle to develop, use, analyze, re-develop it.

Then development speed is essential. Therefore Rapid development is necessary to realize customer's satisfaction.

Ready for Test Automation

 Alinous-Core has reusable example projects including rich ui parts, using jQuery UI.

Testing automation is powerful method for project management. Especially keeping the quality of software costs very high. Sometimes it is impossible to keep the quality in the budget.

But testing automation will solve these problems. Alinous-Core has exmaple for testing automation. So, please take a look at Software testing, before you start your project.

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