Alinous-Core is powerful web development tool

We think "simple is best". Alinous-Core is programming language and development environment to develp Web 2.0 applications.

No framework but language

 Most of programming language has framework. But Alinous-Core don't use framework. Because Alinous-Core is Domain Specific Language, so support it with language specification.

For from beginners to professionals

 Alinous-Core is easy, neat programming language and deveopment tools. Therefor it is suitable for beginers of Web based application development and Web designers who want to develop web application.

But Alinous-Core has many function for IT professionals.

And if you are a project manager. This easy development environment helps you to lead your team and achieve customer's satisfaction.

Write program with HTML and SQL

 This lightweight programming language language is based on HTML, SQL and easy Javascript-Like grammer.

 A page is consist of "*.html" and "*.alns" with same name(* is same part).

The file with "alns" extention is script file and one with "html" is html file. The grammar is SQL and Javascript-liked simple grammer,

For example


After execute this script. Variables are made.


The html file is almost same with normal html file.

The difference is that Alinous-Core has attributes, which is like "alns:iterate", "alns:variable". There are no special tag for this software.

Various functions are available

Alinous-Core supports various functions used in web 2.0 application development. They are simply implemented with language support.

for example

and so on.

n order to make useful user interface, Javascript is essential. The jQuery is one of the useful framework to use the Javascript.

Alinous-Core and Javascript Applications

Alinous-Core is to develop applications with JavaScript , HTML and SQL. There are examples to develop web applications using rich client interface in this site.The example mainly use jQuery as the Javascript library. And there are some opensource JavaScript plugin and parts.

The example applications are bundled in the Eclipse Plugin of the Alinous-Core, and you can run the project. By running the Javascript project, you can understand how the Javascript works with the server side program.

Following examples are available.

Html and jQuery Example Application

The basic application using jQuery and Other frameworks. It contains following web programs using server side program and Javascript.

  • jQuery with server side program example
  • WYSYWYG Content Editor programming part
  • Fullcalendar jQuery Plugin Example

Alinous Document CMS

The Alinous-Document CMS is a Content Management System which is built with Alinous-Core Web & Application Builder. It uses rich user interface with jQuery, WYSIWYG Content Editor, and CodeMirror Script Editors.

And the debugger to debug server side program works with the CMS Template uses very rich Javascript.

Extend function with Java

 Alinous-Core is written in Java language and works on Servlet Container Platform. So this programming language server can load Java class.

By using JavaConnector, You can extend function easily with Java.

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