Http Cache Control

Setting for Http and Https Cache Control Header for static contents. By setting this configuration, you can control the data traffic of web browser access.

This option is optional, so this is not necessary setting on development phase.

About Configuration

To set up the Http Cache Control, write the setting in the "alinous-config.xml". Following code is the example.

The description of this configuration is in the "http-cache-control" tag. This tag has "control" tags.

The each "control" has "match" attribute. By this attribute, you can specify the folder to control the Http Header. Matching algorithm is the longest match.

The text of the "control" is header's value. You can set proper value into the text defined by Http and Https protocol.

Control target

This configuration is for static contents. The files with ".html", ".alns" extension is not the target.

This control is for picture, style sheet and Javascript files.

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