Usage on Content Management System

This WYSIWYG Content Editor is used in the Alinous Document CMS. This page shows you how the WYSIWYG Editor is used as an example.

By taking a look at this page, you can understand the WYSIWYG Content Editor based on the NicEdit is portable and customizable.

Document Management Console of the CMS

The Alinous Document CMS has a page to manage documents in the website. Following picture is that.

Manage Document with tree structure

Portable WYSIWYG Content Editor

This user interface has a tree of the document structure and content editor on the right main area. This content editor is embedded in the tab menus in the main area.

This WYSIWYG editor is so portable that we can use it anywhere the text area Html tag is available.

Dynamic use with server side program is available

An by using server side program, we can use dynamic content in this editor. The WYSIWYG content editor works as a Html text area. Therefore you can user same server side program for the normal Html text area.

Cooperate with Template Engine

The Alinous Document CMS has a powerful template engine. It supports template to be embedded in the web content, which is written by the WYSITYG Content Editor.

using embedded cms template content editor

We can make the template at the CMS Template Management console. The inline template is one to be available in the WYSIWYG Content Editor.

The example of inline Templates are there at the Template Customize guide .

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