Movie and Embedded Flash on WYSIWYG Editor

Add an extension function to embed a movie or flash object in the Html editing with the WYSIWYG editor.

You can make applications using rich content by using this editor extension.


The embedded Object is shown like below in the content editor area of the WYSIWYG content editor.

Embedded Object's appearance in the WYSIWYG Content Editor

In the Content Editor area, the iframe or object tag for flush plugin is replaced into a image. And when you submit the Html data to the server side program, the WYSIWYG content editor automatically convert the image into the Html Code. Those operations are done in the source code listed in this page.

Create a new embedded Object

In order to create a new embedded Object, click the embedded Html Object  icon. Then following dialog appears.

Edit the Embedded Html Object

Copy the embedded code and paste it into the text area. And push the "Submit Query" button. Then a new embedded Object is created in the content editor area of the WYSIWYG Content editor.

Edit the embedded Html Object

In order to edit the embedded Html Object, select the Object in the content editor area and click the embedded Html Object icon. Then the dialog to edit the embedded code appears. Edit the code and push the "Submit Query" button.

Source code location

The location of Movie and Embedded Flash extension is in the "ALINOUS_HOME/samples/nicedit/ext/" folder.

Movie and Embedded Flash extention source code

The file named "nicobjects.js" is the source code of this extension.

Extension's source code

This extension's code to register this plugin is below.

This part create the plugin instance of this extension and register it to the WYSIWYG content editor's main part. The entry point of this WYSIWTYG plugin is the button object.

And at the end of the source code, there is the "editorHtmlEncoder" Object. This Object is to encode or decode the iframe and object tag into the alternative image shown in the WYSIWYG content edtitor.

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