Web Page Archiver

 This software archives the web page to record visitor's action, in order to show heat map and replay user's actions. The web page to record is often upgraded, therefore this software often archive the web page and store each versions.

Archiving Page

 The archiver archive your page automatically. When you log the action using this software, and there is no archive in the database or the last archive is lame, it automatically do it.

Archive html

 When it archive html of the page

  1. Archive html of the page replacing the link url into dummy string which is "#".
  2. Detect image, css, and Javascript the html including
  3. Archive the detected stuffs

Where the archived page used

 The archived pages are used at

 When you replay the visitor's action, it uses the archive version which the action is recorded. When you generate and show heat maps, you have to input the version of the archived web page.

View archived page

 You can view the archived page from "Manage Archived Webpage". in order to show the page, select "Manage Archived Webpage" from the top menu.

Top menu for archiver

The page to manage archived pages appears.

Archived pages

Push the "Preview" button, you can watch the archived web page with popup window.

Archived web page

You can delete the archive by pushing the "Delete" button, but a heat map uses the archive, it is not available.

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