Setup in local host

You can run this application in you local machine. This software is bundled with Alinous-Core IDE and you can setup the first demo project with the "new wizard" of the Eclipse platform.

Setup Alinous-Core IDE

 The Alinous-Core IDE is provided as Eclipse platform, and you can install it via network installer.

Before setup Alinous-Core IDE

Before setup the Alinous-Core IDE, you have to install software below.

  • PostgreSQL 8.4+ (and greater than 8.4)
  • Java SE Development Kit 1.5+(and greater than 1.5)

These software are available with installer for each platform. About more detail, please take a look at System Requirement.

Download Eclipse

 The Eclipse IDE is very easy to install. Just download the Archived Eclipse software and extract it in your favorite folder. About the detail, please take a look at Install Eclipse plugin.

Alinous-Core IDE via Eclipse Network Installer

 After installed Eclipse, it is very easy to setup Alinous-Core IDE. Alinous-Core IDE is made as Eclipse plugin, You can install it by inputting update site url into Network installer of the Eclipse.

 Please take a look at Download Alinous-Core. In this page, a movie which shows you how to install it is there.

Setup project with New Wizard

 You can setup Web Access Recorder with the new Project wizard. This operation is also written at Create new project.

At first, right-click in the Package Exploler of the Eclipse platform, and select "New", "Project...".

launch new wizard

 The New Project Wizard to select the type of new project, then select "Web Access Recorder", and push "Next >" button.

new project wizard  select category

 The new page to input the project name appears. Input the project name and push the "Next >" button.

input project name into new wizard

 The page to select database appears, then the "PostgreSQL" is selected as default, just push the "Next >" button.

Select database

 At last, the page to setup database appears.

Database setup

In this window, input the server's address, port, database name to create newly, and postgreSQL user and the password.

After that, the "Finish" button is enabled, then push it. The New Project Wizard start to create new project and setup database and database configuration file in "alinous-config.xml" of the new project.

After finished creating new project, take a look at Run the Demo in local host.

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