Run the Demo in local host

Run Web Access Recorder on local machine

You can run this software in your local machine. Therefore you can check and learn how to use this software easily.

If you did not install the Alinous-Core IDE, please take a look at Setup in local host.

Launch the server with this application

 After you created the "Web Access Recorder" project, you have to run it. The Alinous-Core IDE has an embeded server, so you can run it on 8080 port of your local host.

 How to launch server with project you created on the Eclipse platform is written in Run the server. This time, select the project you created at Setup in local host.

 After doing this operation, the application runs on 8080 port of your local host. And you can use debugger for this project, about the detail, please take a look at Using debugger.

Actually use Web Access Recorder

 After you setup the project and launch the server, you can use Web Access Recorder by accessing


The top page shown below appears.

Web Access Recorder Demo

Record your access

 At first, you have to make data to analyze. Click the "Access Test Page" button. Then an example page appears with the new window.

Testing access page

In tihs page, scroll and move the mouse like a real visitor. Then your action is recorded into the databse.

Repeat this operation several times, you can replay and analyze your access.

View and analyze the access and action from management page

 After you record some page accesses, go to the managemant page and analyze it. Click the "View recorded data and generated heatmap" button which is under the "Access Test Page" button.

login form

Then login form appears, and the default id and password is

User ID: damin

Password: admin

This setting can be chnaged after you login. After login, the page below appears, and you can access each functions.

Top menu of the Web Access Recorder

About the detail of the usage, please take a look at below.

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