Replay User's Mouse Action

After you records mouse actions of the website's visitors, you can replay it by the recorded log. By using this function, you can check how the visitors view your landing page.

Open Replay console

In order to replay recorded actions, select "Replay Recorded Logs" from the top of administration console. Then following page appears.

Recorded user's motion logs

In this page, you can query the record by following element.

User Id

The User Id is a unique id which is given for a browser. And the Access Id is id for accessing page. You can query by the User Id in order to check the user's visits.

Remote Host

Remote Host is FQDN of the accessed IP. If the if is not resolvable, row IP address is shown.

Access Url and Referer

You can query by the Page's Url and Referrer. The query for Url is strict match, and for Referrer is partial match.

When you check the visitors from an advertisement, please input the referrer.


The Keywords match is to query the parameter values of the referrer. By using this, you can check the keyword of the advertisement is shown, if the search engine supports to give information to the landing page.

Replay Visit

You can replay the mouse motion by clicking "Play" button on the log record. By replaying the log, you can perfectly check the user experience.

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