Page Scroll Heatmap

Page scroll heatmap is simple and effective tool to check effectiveness of the landing page.

The order of the content in the page is most important fact to create it. This tool generate heatmap to show thescrolling rate of the page to check the landing page.

This tool is similar to the Mouse Move Heatmap. The difference between these heatmaps is where it is focusing on. The Mouse Move Heatmap is focusing on the content or picture's point of interest. The Page Scroll Heatmap is focusing on the order of the content in the scrolled web page.

Generate Page Scroll Heatmap

in order to generate Page Scroll Heatmap, open the administration console, and click the "Scroll Heatmap" button. Then, following page appears.

Scroll Heatmap administration console

In this page, click the "Create a new Heatmap" button. Then following dialog appears.

Dialog to specify the pages by url, referrer, and keywords

This dialog to query the pages and period to generate heatmap is same with one of Mouse Move Heatmap.

Specify the URL, Referrer, and Keywords at first, and period of the access time stamp of the recorded logs. Then click "Next >" button.

Select the archived page content

Select the archived content's version on this dialog, and pushthe "Finish >" button. Then the heatmap record is created and generation process starts on the main page.

Heatmap record is generated

View Heatmap

After you generate the heatmap, you can watch it by clicking "Show" button. A new popup window appears and page like following picture appears.

Generated Window scroll heatmap

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