Mouse Move Heatmap

After recorded the website visitor's mouse motion, you can generate the heatmap to know where customers look at most. This tool is useful to analyze a lot of customers.

The motion replay tool is very suitable to know the detail of single customer's user experience, but it is not efficient to take a look at all of the accesses. This tool is to check entire user experience efficiently.

Generate Heatmap

In order to generate the Mouse Move Heatmap, open the administration console and click "Mouse Move Heatmap" button. Then following page appears.

Mouse move heatmap's page

In this page, click "Create a new Heatmap" button, then following dialog appears.

Generate Heatmap setting

By this dialog, you can select the log records to generate the heatmap.

Heatmap Page

This setting is to query the logs to generate the heatmap from. The Url is to specify the page. By inputing the first character, like "h" of "http://", content assist is available.

When you query with the Referrer and Keyword, input them. The rules of query is same with one of Replay User's Mouse Action.

Analyzing period

Specify the period of the log recorded. When you input the date and time, calendar and time input helper is available.

calendar input helper

After you input those information, click the "Next >" button. Then the dialog page change into following page.

Select archived page to generate heatmap

Select the archived page version, and click the "Finish >" button. Then a new heatmap record is generated and generation process starts on the main page.

generating heatmap

It takes a while because the raster of the bitmap is plenty. If the number of records to generate increases, almost same period is necessary to generate it.

The progress bar on the record finished, then the generation process is completed.

View Heatmap

After generating the Heatmap, you can watch it by clicking "Show" button. Then a new popup window appears and you can watch it like following picture.

Generated Mouse Move Heatmap for eye tracking

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