Manage Archived Page

The Mouse Action Tracking Tool automatically archives the web page's content. This page is to manage the archived data, and look at the last version's design.

Check Archives

In order to view the archives that the heatmap engine automatically generated, open the administration console and click "Manage Archive" button. Then following page appears.

Archived web pages

This page shows archived pages. The archive of the page has version. The pair of the URL and archived time is the identify of them. Therefore you can check the last versions.

Those archives are used in the Mouse Move Heatmap and Page Scroll Heatmap's viewer. Therefore if the archive's version is used, you cannot delete it before deleting the heatmap records which use it.

View Archived content

In order to view the archived page, click the "Preview" button on the record. Then following window appears.

Archived content viewer

This content is archived one. And the external files used in the Html source code is also archived.

Archived source code

This archiver does all of the Html, css, javascript and Image files. Therefore you can store the last version completely.

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