Create your website

After you initialize the data, the first thing you have to do is to make and set up your website data.

Create and set up your website

At first, open the Document Management page. And show the empty document page.

Create your website

Click the "Create a new Website" button on the left pane of the document management page.

Create a website

Then a dialog box below appears.

Create the first page of the website

In this dialog, you have to input the name of your website and the title of the top page. And select the Page Template.

The initialized data has top pages data, therefore please select the "Top Page" template.

After inputting those forms, click the "Create Page" button. Then a new site is created on the left pane.

example website

Set up the website

After you create a new website, double click the website and show the detail on the right pane.

Show the setting of the website

The right pane is the editor page to edit the website's page. The editor has tabs to set up the website. Click the "Site Setting" tab and show the setting.

Website domain and smartphone setting

In this page, there are following setting.

  • Domain and Template setting
  • Smart Phone Setting

Add your website's domain under the "localhost:8080" in "Domain and Template Set" and "Smart Phone Setting".

If you use the responsive web design and redirection for the Mobile Page is not necessary, push the "Delete" button on the Smart Phone Setting and delete the setting.

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