Change Template Design

Changing the web design of Alinous Document CMS is very easy. The Templates consist of Template Parts, therefore you can find where to edit very easy.

In this page, change the top page's template. Once you know how to change the CMS template, you can freely control the design of website.

Open the Top Template with The Editor

In order to open the Top Template by the template editor, select the "Top Template" from the top page of the management console.

Top Conaosle Menu

Then the list of Top Templates are shown on the left of the pages.

List of the Top Templates

Click the "Default Page" link to open the template on the right of the page.

Default page Top Template

This Template consists of 4 parts, and by clicking the "Open and Edit" of each part, a new window is opened and you can edit it.

Edit Header Part

Click the "Open and Edit" Button on the Header part. Then the Template Part of the header is opened with new browser's window.

Header Template Parts

In this page, you can edit the Html, Css, Image Resources, Javascript and Server side script.

But the first thing you have to do is edit the Html code and make your own page's header. After edit the Html design, click the Save button.

After saved the design you can preview the appearance of the template part. In order to preview it, push the "Parameter Setting" button at first.

Template preview setting

In this dialog box, select the page to apply the template part on preview, and "Set Parameters" button.

After that, click the preview button. Then the preview window to show the header design appears.

Preview the header design

The editor can preview each Template Part, therefore it is very easy to maintain the design parts.

Edit Footer Template Part

in order to open the Footer Template Part, click the "Open and Edit" button on the footer part. Then following window is opened.

Footer Template Part

Edit the main area part of the Top Template

The main area of this Top Template is the Container Template, which includes some other templates. in order to open it, click the "Open and Edit" button on the Middle of Main Page.

Conteiner Template part on the main area

Then following page appears with a new browser's window.

Container CMS Template Part

This Container Template implements the 2 column layout. And you can open end edit the inner part by clicking "Open and Edit" button.

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