Google Webmasters Tools support

In order to check health of the website in SEO, webmasters tools provided by google is effective. The Content Keywords and Internal Links are useful to check it.

By checking them, we can know which pages are analyzed by the search engine. If it assume the page is not eligible to analyze, it doesn't. Therefore find the low quality page and write additional content in the page.

Content Keywords

You can import the "Conent Keywords" in the Google Webmaster Tools.

Internal Links

You can import the "Internal Links" in the Google Webmaster Tools.

Summary the Status with sitemap.xml

You can check the health of the pages by checking last crawled time and detected keywords and internal links.

Click "Analyze with sitemap" button from the top of administration console. Then following page appears.

Analyze with sitemap

Input the url of the sitemap and click "Import and Analyze" button, then download the sitemap and check it with the content keywords and internal links data.

Check analysed pages

By ordering records by the Last crawled time, you can check SEO health of crawling. Highly evaluated pages are frequently crawled, and not eligible pages are not crawled often.

Check last crawled time

The pages eligible to list in the SERP are analyzed both internal links and important keywords in the pages. By ordering records with them, you can check how the search engine evaluate your pages.

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