Setup Openshift online

It is very easy to install Alinous Document CMS on the Openshit Paas Platform.

Create Account

At first, you have to do is create a user account of the openshift. Access the following url.

Then a page below appears, so, input information and push the "Sign up" button.

Create an openshift account

After that, a confirmation mail comes, and click the embeded link, then an account is created.

Log in the Openshift Online

After you created the account, access the url below.

Openshift login

Then the management console appears.

openshift management console

Create a Gear with Alinous Document CMS Cartridge

In order to create a Gear(Server) with Alinous Document CMS, click the "Add Application..." button at the management console, which is a page shown after log in. Then a page to create gear like below appears/

Create new gear

At the bottom of this page, there is a part to install cartridge from url.

Custom install

Copy the url below and paste it into the left text input, and push the "Next" button.

Then next page appears.

Confirm gear information

In this page, input the "Public URL" and push the "Create Application" button. Then a new gear with Alinous Document CMS is created.

You can create the gear within 3 instances for free.

Login Management Page of The CMS

After installed, access below

https://[your app's domain]/admin/

Login page

The first login id and password is both "admin". Input "admin" into the both text box and push "Login" button.

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