Update and Publish a Page

In order to edit the page content, we can use the content editor on the right pane of the edit page.

In addition to edit the contents, you can edit tags of this page.

How to use content editor

At first, you have to open the page node. Double click the page to edit in the document tree at the left of the page.

document tree

Then the content editor is loaded in the right pane.

content editor

Open and Close the detail

When you opened the content editor, the detail pane is opened. You can close the pane by clicking the "Close" button. Then the detail pane is closed.

closed detail pane of the content editor

After closed the detail pane, you can open the detail pane by clicking "Detail" button.

Open the detail pane

Open tabs

There are tabs at the top of content editor.

Tabs of Content Editor

There are tabs below.

  • Edit contents
  • Resources
  • Tags
  • Additional Code
  • Site Setting

Content Editor's function

The content editor has following functions.

Edit Contents

Edit Contents Tab is the default tab. This tab has page detail pane and WYSIWYG editor.

wysiwyg editor of content management system]

After editing the content, publish it and make the document open in your website.


The Resource Tab is used to manage images and external text resources, for example source code.

Resource Tab


Click the "Tags" tab on the editor page. Then tag setting menu appears.

tags tab

In order to add Tags to this page, click "Add Tags" button.

Add tags dialog

Then, A dialog to select tags to add appears. Select the tags to add by checking the tags on the tags tree, and push "Add Checked Tags" button.

The tags you selected are added.

Additional Code

If you want to add additional Html code in the "<header>" area, input the html code into this area.

In order to show this area, click the "Additional Code" tab.

additional html code

Site Setting

This content management system can handle multiple sites. The top document node of the document tree means the top page and the site.

Site structure

Click the top node and select the "Site Setting" tab.

Site and domain setting

In this page, you can choose the domain of this site, and scheme using this site.

If you want to make full https page, select "Redirect Http to Https" at the "Force https" column.

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