Create a new page

When you add a page contents, add a document node in the left pane of the document edit page.

Add a new Page

In order to add a new page. Right-click the node, which is the parent or sibling node of the new page.

Right Click menu

Then the context menu appears, so select "Add a new page". By selecting it, the dialog to set  Page Attributes of the new page appears.

Dialog to create a new document node

The default value of this dialog is up to the node you clicked.

Page Code

The page code is a node code of the tree structure. This is used to generate the url.


The position means relative position of the new page node to the clicked node. Available value is below.

  • Before this node
  • After this node
  • inside this node

Title and Subtitle

The document's title and subtitle. The subtitle is optional.

Page Type

The Page Type is what mentioned at "Overview and architecture". This value is necessary, and content assist is available on the text input of this dialog like below.

Content assist of the page type

Page Template

You can select the template of the page for each page. The default value is one of the page that you clicked to show the context menu.


 The Status means the publish status of the new page after created. Available values are below.

  • draft
  • published

The default value is "draft". After you create this page, the page is not published and opened in the website when you select the "draft".

If you select "published", the blank page is published and opened.

File or Directory

 The "File or Directory" is used to generate the url of this page. The default value is "Directory".
 If you choose "Directory", the content file is automatically generated into the "index.html".

If you choose "File", and the page node does not has children, it is generated into "[pagecode].html". On other cases, the page is handled as directory.

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