Create a Keyword Tag

Create a new Keyword Tag and the page to show the information. At first, create a new tag, after that, create a new page for the tag.

Create a new Keyword Tag

At first, you have to create a new keyword Tag.

Tag Management

Click the "Tag Management" button and show the Keyword Tag management page.

Keyword Tag management page

After you pushed the button, the Keyword Tag Management Page is shown, like below.

Keyword Tag Management console

In this page, there is a Keyword Tag tree on the left of the page. By double click the tag, you can open the Tag Edit page on the right area of this page. About Tag's information page, please take a look at Show Keyword Tag's Information.

Create a new Tag

In order to create a new tag, click the "[edit]" link where is sibling or parent of the new tag, which is you are going to add. Then dialog below is shown.

In this dialog, input the Tag Code, Position, and Tag Name and push "Create Node" button. Then, a new node is created and you can manipulate it with the Tag Information Edit page.

Add Tag Page

After you created a new Keyword Tag, next, create a new page of the tag. Go to to the Content Management page and create a new page.

When you create a new page, you have to set some of the the page attribute to make suitable for the tag page.

New Tag Page Setting

You have to care for the "Page Type" and "Page Template". Please set "tag" to the "Page Type", and select the Template for the tag page.

After you create the page for tag, go to the Keyword Tag Management page and input the "Tag Page", and push the "Update" button.

Set Tag Page

After those operation, please edit the content of the Tag page and publish it.

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