Tag Page

Top Template of the Tag pages. This template is for the tag pages whose page type is "tag".
This template contains paging template, therefore the server side program have to support paging.


Tag page has 2 type of appearance. The first page shows the topic of the keyword, and after the 2nd pages, it shows pages having the page's tag.

The appearance of the first is below.

first keyword topics page

When you click the numbers on the bottom of content area of this page, following page appears.

after 2nd pages

The Tag Page is 2 column layout on the default.

Design Setting

The design of the blog category is set by GUI layout, html, and style sheet.


Layout of the template parts is below.

Layout of the Tag Page

This layout design setting contains following parts.

The Middle of Tag Page part is the Container Template, and it supports 2 column layout.


The html code to generate the html is below.

This template uses next and prev by the meta tag. And this page is "noindex,follow" after 2nd page, when the "$IN.page" is not zero.

That is because the keyword topics contains original content, but after 2nd page, it is not there. If you want to make the first page as "noindex", please add additional header in your document node.

Then you can make each article's status indexed or noindexed.

Style Sheet

The style sheet of this template is below.

Server side program

The Tag Page support paging of the list content. The code of Tag Page with paging is almost same with one of the Blog Top Page. So please take a look at Paging and title, description.

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