Search Page

Top Template of the search page. This template contains serarching module, and it is dynamic page. The pages which has this template is not content to index, so, you have to add "noindex" meta tag in the header part of the html code.


The appearance of the Tag page is below.

Search page

Design Setting

The design of the blog category is set by GUI layout, html, and style sheet.


Layout of the template parts is below.

Layout of the search page

This layout design setting contains following parts.

The Search Page part is the Container Template, and it supports 2 column layout, and it contains dynamic module.


The html code to generate the html is below.

This template contains dynamic Primitive Template, therefore, this template is dynamic page. The "noindex" meta tag is located in this html.

Style Sheet

The style sheet of this template is below.

Server side program

TheSearch  Page support paging of the search result list. The code of Tag Page with paging is almost same with one of the Blog Top Page. So please take a look at Paging and title, description.

The main implementation to search contents is in the Search Page container. Open it with the "Open and Edit" button, and edit it.

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