Relevant Contents Component

The Primitive Template to show the relevant pages calculated from the keyword tags. This part is for content pages and blog pages.


In order to preview the relevant contents part, open it with Primitive Template editor page, and select the page to preview in the parameter setting dialog.

The appearance of the relevant contents part is below.

Relevant contents part preview

This part is used in following Container Templates and Top Templates.

Design Setting

The design of the relevant contents part consists of Html and Style Sheet.


The html code of relevant contents part is below.

Style Sheet

The style sheet for the html above is below.

Server side program

The server side program of the relevant contents part is below.

The server side program uses content similarity data of the Search Engine Optimization tool of the Content Management System.

When you adjust the similarity level to include this link list, modify the "$limitValue" variable. This variable takes value between 0 to 1.0.

The links in the list have to be similar to current page. Therefore we reccommend not to modify the variable into too small value. More than 0.6(60%) is recommended.

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