Bread List

In this page, mention about the CMS template part of the bread list. bread list is used to show the location of the current page.


Alinous Document CMS can preview the bread list part as a single page. The appearance of this part is below.

bread list

This part can be included in the Top Template and Container Template.

The bread list starts with HOME, because the link to the top page must be most popular. We use this part to adjust the internal link balance.

Design Setting

The design of the bread list template consists of html and Style sheet.


The html code of this template is below.

This code has microdata format for rich snippet. By using the microdata, the url on the search engine's result page is shown like the bread list.

bread list on the search engine

Style Sheet

The style sheet of this template is below.

Server side program

The server side program of the bread list is below.

In the "getBreadList()", it replace the text into the short title if exists. The bread list should not be long, therefore it use this.

When you set the short title, input it from the document editor of the Content Management System.

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