Edit server code of the Top Template

The Top Template output the information about page title, sub title, description, etc. Those are queried by the server code using SQL, and can edit it with editor works on the web browser.

Edit server program

You can edit the server side program of the Top Template. On publishing the web page, and generating Html code, the publisher program uses the variables made by the server side program.

In order to edit the server code, Go to the Top Template management page, and click the template to edit.  And click the "Server Code" tab, then following page appears.

Server Code Editor

In this server code editor, the Script Editor and Debugger is available.

Content assist

The program code editor has function to make a hint. By pushing Ctrl+Space key, content assist is available.

Launch content assist

Save and Apply

After changing the code, you have to push the "Save" button. After that the code is saves and preview and debugging the code is available.

Save the server program code

After checking the code with debugger and preview, you can apply the change to the web pages. In order to do that, push the "Apply" button. This button appears after save the change of the server code.

Apply the change of source code

Debug server side program code

After saving the code, you can debug it with debugger on the web browser.

Set page to debug

At first, you should push the "Set preview Input" button to set the input to this server side program. Then dialog below appears.

Dialog box to set input for the server code.

Select the page with the combo box and push "Set Parameters" button.

Add break point

You can add the breakpoints by clicking the gutter. After adding the breakpoints, they are shown on the gutter of the editor by blue points.

debugger breakpoints

You can remove the breakpoint by clicking the blue point on the gutter.

Debug the page

Click the "Debug" button, then a new window to run the debugger is launched.

Web browser script debugger

About the usage of the debugger, please take a look at "Run the debugger" page.

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