Top Template

Top Template is a type of web template used in the Alinous Document CMS. In the CMS, you can set the template for each pages.

Customize Layout by GUI

The Alinous Document CMS has a GUI editor for Top Template. You can customize the template by drag-and-drop on this editor.

The column line of the layout is a single line. Therefore on making 2 column or 3 column layout, please use the Container Template. It has 2 column lines, and it can assign the Container Template recursively.

Customize Generated Html

You can customize the Html generated by the Top Template almost completely.

Html Header part

The Top Template editor can edit the Html code to generate. By using this, you can write the header code of the Html. For example, the meta tag can be edited by this editor.

When you use variables to insert into the Html, the server side program of Top Template executed on generating a page from the template is available.

Style Sheet for the wrapper layer

The Template editor can edit the style sheet for the top level layer of the generated Html. The style sheet for the Primitive Template and Container Template is automatically generated on publishing a page.

CMS functions

The top Template is template for a page. Each page of your online document and blog has a template attribute.

Edit the Top Template

Alinous Document CMS supports GUI Template editor. Basically, you can edit the layout of the template parts with GUI.

Edit Html, Style Sheet and Javascript

In addition to the GUI layout editor, you can edit the detail of the template with Html, Css, and Javascript.

Edit server code

In order to output the html code of the page with this template, server side logic is necessary. You can edit and debug the server script with Script Editor and Debugger.

Default Top Templates

This CMS has default page templates. After you installed this software, the default templates are there. Therefore when you build a new website, customize the Html of the default templates.

Page template for desktop PC

The default Top Templates for desktop PC is following ones.

If you are expert of Html5 and Style Sheet, you can make templates which is applied responsive web design.

Smartphone Template

The default Top Templates for Smartphone is following ones.

If you customize the templates for desktop into responsive web design, the smartphone templates is not necessary.

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