Import and Export the Primitive Template

You can import and export the Primitive Template by using zip archive. You can use this function to backup the template and distribute templates you made to other website powered by Alinous Document CMS.

Go to Primitive Template Management page

At first, goto Primitive Template management page and open the Primitive Template to export with the editor.

Primitive template editor

By using this page, you can export and import the Primitive Template.

Export Primitive Template

You can export this template from this page. push the "Export" button, then following dialog box appears.

import template dialog

Check the code of Primitive Template and push the "Export" button. Then download of the zip archive file starts.

The zip archive file contains all of the Primitive Template's data. There for you can restore this template completely with this archive file.

Import Primitive Template

After you exported the zip archive, you can import the template with it. Right click the tree of Primitive Template, and show context menu.

Import archive menu

Then select the "Import template from zip file". After that, following dialog box appears.

dialog box to select archive

In this dialog, push the "Browse" button to select the archive file, and push the "Import" button. Then following page appears in the dialog box.

import template

In this dialog box, you can specify the code of the template. If the template with same code is there, the template is overwritten, if not there, the imported template is newly created.

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