Edit server code

The design of the Primitive Template contains dynamic parts for each page. The server side program written in the Alinous-Core make the variable and design part use it.

Open Server Code Editor

 When you edit Html of the Primitive Template, you have to write the server side script to get the data of the page from database.

Click the "Server Code" tab in the top tab menu. Then the script editor appears.

Server side program

You can edit the server side code with this editor. In this Editor, you can write Alinous-Core program, and it supports below.

Debugging Code

This editor is based on the CodeMirror and supports Alinous-Core programming language. You can use this editor and debug it. About he usage, please take a look at Script Editor and Debugger.

Debugger window

The code editor has debugger and it show the variables. These variables can be embedded into the Html design you wrote for this template.

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