Inline CMS Template Example

This page shows you how the inline template works, and how to make it. The "source code" inline template component is a good example to learn that.

Open inline template

At first, goto Primitive Template management page and open the Primitive Template editor.

Primitive template editor

Then, open the "Inline parts" category in the left pane.

inline template category

And double click the "Source Codes" template to open it with template editor.

Setting for the Inline Template

In order to set up the Primitive Template as Inline Template, you have to set the "embedded" attribute true. Open the Primitive Template and show the detail of the template.

Inline template setting

Then check the "Embeded Module" check box and push the "Save" button. The template can be used as the Inline Template from the content Editor.

How to use it

The Primitive Templates those are set as Inline Template can be used from the Content Editor of the document management console.

In order to use them, Click the position to insert the template on the WYSIWYG Editor and click the "Alinous" Icon.

Inline icon

Then "Alinous Part" pane appears, so, select the "Source Codes" template and click the "newObject" button.

Select template part

A new part for the inline template is added into the content area of the WYSIWYG editor.

inserted inline template part

After added a new inline part, you have to set up the parameter for the template. Click the parts and select it, and click the "Alinous" icon in the top menu of WYSIWYG editor, then the pane to set the parameter appears.

Parameter setting

In this pane, set the parameter and push the "Update" button, then the template part is set up.

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