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Updated Alinous-Core IDE 2.0.18 (The server is unchanged)

Today we updated Alinous-Core IDE provided as the Eclipse Plugin. Updated

  • Sample project
  • Java Connector sample project
  • Remove Derby database from selection page
  • Fixed bug to connect PostgreSQL

The server module has nothing to do about it.

If you are using Alinous-Core Eclipse Plugin, please select "Help" -> "Check for Updates" from Eclipse's top menu, which is on the top of the window.

This update is for the lame sample projects. It was 7 years ago that I made it.

Currently implementation of mew feature is going on. Especially it is about HTML5 and support to use jQuery.

In documentation project, we are going to add next.

  • About transaction
  • Two phase commitment
  • Reference manual of function

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