• Started making selenium example to test jquery parts
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Started making selenium example to test jquery parts

I've started  making selenium example to test jquery parts. Currently the selenium version is 2.39.0, so I'll make it with one of this version.

The selenium developers says

Our current plan is to start shipping 3.0 by Christmas this year: it’s going to be a lot of fun!

in the blog, "The Road to Selenium 3".

There are a lot of time to wait for the version 3, so I'll update the example after the update, and release one using version 2.

Software test is very important process, especially offshore developers say so.

On estimating the cost of development to the customer, the ratio of testing is a lot, and it is very hard to estimate it. But by automating the testing process, we can estimate the cost, which is near from actual cost.

That is because we can estimate the cost of writing test driver. And if we write it at once, we can execute test automatically.

The rich UI application is hard to do automatic test, but now I'm going to try it. I'll add contents about test at "Software test" in my website.

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