• Performance of executing SQL with PostgreSQL on Alinous-Core
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Performance of executing SQL with PostgreSQL on Alinous-Core

Everybody may guess if development is easier, then performance become worse.

But by developing with this software, actually no problem about bad performance.

Alinous-Core is written in Java language, and using connection to PostgreSQL via JDBC. And Alinous-Core use precompiled statement as possible as it can.

Almost all SQL are executed as precompiled statement.

If you are going to use precompile statement in Java or other language, you have to write program to use it.

But in the case of this programming language, just write SQL.

It has internal SQL compiler and check if executing as precompiled statement for the SQL  is available or not automatically.

When SQL executed, the console of eclipse IDE shows you. Then "[CP]" or "[P]" is in front of the executed SQL, Alinous-Core use precompiled statement automatically.

like bellow 

It has own thread pool and managing precompiled statements,  and cache them.

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