• In the Internet Era, documentation skill is strong weapon for IT Engineers
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In the Internet Era, documentation skill is strong weapon for IT Engineers

Recently, the internet become popular and we can not live without it.The sales environment depends on it, especially it technology firm is so.

It engineer's first weapon is the skill of building system. But sales skill is also very important skill.

I'm software engineer and good at programming, but sales skill is not my special one. But I cannot manage my company without it.

My main sales action is making contents. Currently I succeeded in getting customers via the internet(my website). But I failed a lot before that.

The process of making sales lead is below.

  1. Make customers pay attention to my website before they come to it
  2. Show outline of the website and let them watch next contents
  3. Let them read it and give them the next interest
  4. Show outline of the next page of the website

In this process, the most important thing is to show the outline of the contents before they read all.

That is a simple thing but it is very difficult. Because the outline cannot contain much information.

And I'm not in front of them. So readers stop reading if they feel that "this website has no information I'm interested in now". The website owner recognize the "NOW" for the reader is very important.

The interest of readers changes frequently in the process of reading it. So website owner have to sense it and think it seriously.

This skill leads to very strong sales skill. If we realize that, it is same with talking with many people.

By the way, this time, I've rebuild my English website. It is because I couldn't do that.

My current website is my challenge.
Today, I've finished making the section of Alinous-Core's configuration. Please take a look at it. 

alinous configuration

I feel it is very difficult to make my website. It is because we can't transfer the feature of my product is not same with other products. But I'm going to continue to make effort to do that.

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