• Debugging emvironment is important for Light Weight Languages
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Debugging emvironment is important for Light Weight Languages

Light Weight Language is very powerful tool to develop application. Easy programming code is also easy to understand what we do. So the number of bug will decrease.

But it is very hard to check most of bugs. And testing process is almost same, because we make the first code, we have to do black box testing.

On black box testing, ease of coding has nothing to do.

There are two type of developers in the world. Who use IDE and who doesn't. I recommend you to use IDE. Because to keep quality of software, it is very important to make the software actually run.

The correct software means "One runs correctly". Before running it, we can't assure even the software's specification is right.

After run it, we can make sure the software is correct.

The cost of total testing is very much. But if we can understand how it works more correctly, we can reduce the cost.

I strongly recommend you to make more opportunities to recognize what you implement by running it. So I do to use IDE with debugger.

In my software, Alinous-Core, I think the debugger is very important. So I made great effort to make it in the Eclipse IDE.

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